Speaking Information


Elaine speaks to a variety of groups and organizations including parents, grandparents and teachers as well as mental health front line workers and corporations. She also participates on panel discussions that include experts on the subject of video gaming addiction.


She offers several types of talks, sharing her personal story and the numerous aspects of addiction including: the personal and professional toll, economic/social impact on both the gamer and their family. Elaine offers statistics, information, resources and tips for managing technology.


All talks include a Q & A with the audience.


One More Level:  Video Gaming Addiction


  • 45 min talk for parents, grandparents and teachers features Elaine’s personal story as well as statistics, information, resources and tips for prevention.


  • 15-30 minute talk for front line mental health workers including the impact of gaming addiction on mental and physical health, personal life, education and the economic cost for the gamer and their family.


Dial it Down: Don’t Outsource Your Brain For Your Apps


  • 30-45 minute talk for corporations on mental health and technology, the impact on mental health with excessive use of technology and tips to create more balanced day to day living and technology.

Elaine Uskoski

Video Gaming Addiction Speaker, Author, Coach

Jake, Howard & Elaine

Finished with the video crew at CAMH. We were creating videos for an online course for front-line workers on Screen Addiction, using Video Gaming Disorder as the example.

I met Elaine at Mindfest 2020, a mental health conference presented by UofT’s Psychiatry Department. I thought I had a healthy relationship with technology, but after seeing Elaine’s presentation on Technology and Mental Health, I realized just how addicted I was to my smartphone. After following Elaine’s tips on how to limit screen time, I noticed immediate changes. My sleep has improved, and I have better focus. I feel more present, more purposeful, and more at peace. I have more time to focus on becoming a better version of myself. Thank you so much Elaine! I really appreciate you and your work.


Student, University of Toronto

I really enjoyed the Video Gaming Presentation. It was informative, educational but most all of honest.  It opened my eyes to the danger of gaming and to recognize the signs before it’s too late. Thank you Elaine for sharing your story and educating parents.

Cinzia Consorti

Parent - Bolton, Ontario

Elaine and Jake: Giving a talk on Mental Health & Technology as part of the Bell Let’s Talk campaign at Fiix Inc. in Toronto

I’m very glad I attended Elaine’s visit to Humberview. Her talk was informative, and I really appreciated her sharing her own account of the challenges she faced with her son’s video gaming addiction. This allowed the audience to relate, and help recognize some of the red flags of potential problems arising or existing. She also shared resources that can help families get the help they need.

Christine Calzato

Parent - Bolton, Ontario

I had the pleasure of learning from Elaine during a talk she did for our women’s networking group. The topic was Technology and Mental Health, which is so relevant for all of us. Her speaking style was very engaging and she presented all the information in a way that was not only easy to understand but also very thought-provoking. After hearing Elaine speak, I have personally changed some of my habits around cell-phone use and taking time away from social media which has been improving my sleep and my productivity. If you have the opportunity to listen to Elaine speak I highly recommend it! Thank you Elaine!              

Lisa Petkovsek

Georgetown, ON

Elaine’s heartfelt and compassionate way of sharing her story, while speaking opens a door that shines light on video gaming addiction.  She is able to not only help other parents but invites a non-judgmental discussion with youths who may be struggling with this addiction.                                       

Christine Veres

Health Practitioner - Canada

In the fall of 2017 I met Elaine after attending her presentation at Mindfest at U of T. Her story provided new insight to the growing challenge of raising our children to become resilient and balanced adults. In this new post i-phone age, we are all finding our way to maintain meaningful connections and a healthy technological diet.

Elaine’s personal story as a parent navigating these challenging waters when faced with a situation of imbalance in her family was informative and realistic and hopeful.

Her story reminded me to not be scared to see through the cracks either as a parent or as a professional when a loved one is struggling to restore healthy relationships.

Elaine subsequently met with a small group of parents facing the challenges of an unhealthy overuse of technology and thanks to her non-judgemental manner and her compassion, these parents are now more confident in their innate ability to support the healthy development of their children and their families in this technological age.

Most importantly, Elaine models for ALL parents the value of voicing our joys and our struggles in order to gather knowledge and strength from each other in these challenging modern times.

Giselle Signoroni, MSW, RSW

School Social Worker, Toronto Catholic District School Board