Energy work in Bolton- holistic wellness clinicEnergy Medicine

Energy Medicine is used as both an assessment tool and as a form of natural healing.  There are several forms of energy medicine used at Eye Spy Health and Wellness, the most common of which is Muscle Response Testing (MRT).  This testing is based on the concept that there is an energy field flowing through and around all things.  The Chinese refer to this energy as Chi. Similar to a magnet which holds iron filings in a certain pattern; Chi creates a field which holds the cells of our body in alignment.  Theoretically, by altering the Chi, one can alter the body. MRT involves testing the strength or weakness of the body’s energy field in order to customize an herbal and health program to meet each individual’s constitutional requirements.


The clinic also utilizes the technique of acupressure, another form of energy medicine, to help bring relief to the client through tapping on various acupressure points throughout the body. With acupressure, the client -guided by the practitioner, applies light pressure to specific acupressure points on the body to promote the elimination of both physical and emotional symptoms and the release of toxins from tissues and organs. Benefits of this particular method include clients, through guidance, learning to apply pressure themselves and therefore take control of their own healing.