In the Media

Elaine has shared the story of her son’s video addiction with  various media outlets including television, radio, print, on line and podcasts.

When All-Night Gaming Results in Dropping Out of College

Wall Street Journal

By: Julie Jargon, Family and Tech, Aug. 27, 2019

For one young man, videogames helped him deal with anxiety but nearly derailed his college career; how he and his mom fought back.


Gaming disorder now a disease according to WHO

CBC News: The National 

Jun 18, 2018
Gaming disorder is now a disease according to a new draft of the World Health Organization’s new International Classification of Diseases.

The increasingly blurred lines between gambling and gaming

CAMH – Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

July 4, 2019

Video games seem to have a way of transcending culture, language, and geography – and many people use them as a way to connect with others, especially online. But there’s a darker side to consider, one that Elaine Uskoski knows well.

When video games take over


CBC Radio- Ontario Today 

Rita Celli, Jun 27, 2018

The World Health Organization now says compulsive gaming qualifies as an addictive behaviour disorder. Your stories, with social worker Lisa Pont of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.

How This Young Man Recovered from Video Game Addiction

The New Family Podcast : Episode 236 

Brandie Weikle – June 3, 2019

Elaine and Jake Uskoski are here to share their experience with Jake’s video game addiction. They’ve started to share their story to help other families learn to identify where enthusiasm for digital play crosses into unhealthy territory and what it takes to come out of it when video games have taken over a young person’s life. Elaine has also written about this candidly in her book, Seeing Through the Cracks.


Video game addiction: Former Caledon resident talks parenting, prevention

Caledon Enterprise

By Matthey Strader,  June 10, 2019

Elaine Uskoski was a Caledon resident for 30 years, where she raised her two adult sons. The author and health practitioner battled video game addiction with one of her sons, and now, has written about the experience, and shares it with others to build awareness and prevention. 

Warning signs for gaming addiction

Context Beyond the Headlines

Lorna Dueck May 31, 2019

Elaine Uskoski ignored the signs of trouble with her son’s gaming problem. But it wasn’t until he went away for university that his addiction became life threatening. She explains the warnings signs and the road to recovery.

Dealing with your Child’s Video Gaming

Rogers TV

Jill McPherson – June 4, 2018

Host Jill McPherson talks with Elaine Uskoski, author of the book “Seeing Through the Cracks.” The book is a true story about Elaine’s son going through video game addiction for many years.

Video Gaming Addiction


Dec. 13, 2018
Elaine Uskoski shares the first part of the personal story of her son’s video gaming addiction. PART 1, 2 and 3