Iridology & Nutrition

Elaine’s confidence and expertise is very reassuring. She provides insight and advice in a very caring way. Many of her clients are referrals from existing clients.” – Carol Good, Caledon, ON


Iridology ChartIridology is a scientific practice that studies the nerves of the eye in an effort to identify nutritional weakness in the body.  The iris can reveal the overall state of health of an individual by showing tissue weakness, general constitution, nutritional deficits and any organ imbalance.  Utilizing specific tools, the Iridologist completes a full examination and assessment of both the left and right eye using an Iridology map of the Iris.  The examination is painless, simple and can be completed during the course of your first consultation.


What iridology Can Reveal:


Iridology clinic nestled in in Caledon hills- Holistic health clinic

  • the primary nutritional needs of the body
  • the inherent strength or weakness of organs, glands and tissue
  • constitutional strength or weakness
  • which organs are in the greatest need of repair and rebuilding
  • the relative amount of toxic settlement in the organs, glands and tissues
  • where inflammation is located in the body
  • the stage of tissue inflammation and activity
  • spastic and ballooned conditions of the bowel
  • a nervous condition or inflammation of the bowel
  • high risk tissue areas in the body
  • pressure on the heart
  • lymphatic-system congestion
  • poor absorption of nutrients
  • the recuperative ability and health level of the body
  • healing signs indicating an increase of strength in an organ, gland or tissue
  • sources of infection
  • acidity of the body and cataarh development
  • the effects of a polluted environment
  • adrenal exhaustion


“Iridology Simplified” by Bernard Jensen

Using a hand held, lit magnifier an Iridologist assesses the iris of the eyes, both left and right and using an Iridology map of the iris concludes which areas of the body need to be addressed for improvement of a person’s overall health. It is a simple, pain free technique that provides valuable information for nutritional consultation.