Allergy Testing and Elimination

Allergies are seen as an immune system response to substances that the body identifies as foreign. While you want your body to respond to invaders such as toxins, bacteria and viruses, in an allergic state, the body has falsely identified a normally harmless substance and moves into a protective state to isolate and then eliminate this “foreign” substance.  Once the protective process begins, you suffer from symptoms that mimic illness.

The past decade has seen a significant increase in the number of food allergies and environmental sensitivities experienced by North Americans.  Concurrently, a rise in pharmaceutical based allergy medications has also occurred.  Allergy medications provide temporary relief of symptoms but fail to address the overall cause.  At Eye Spy Health and Wellness we use a full and complete health assessment including muscle response testing, to identify the specific food and environmental triggers for each individual and then provide you with a complete list of triggers to avoid.

What sets Eye Spy Health and Wellness apart?

We offer the next step, natural relief of your symptoms through elimination.


Allergy Elimination, prevention holistic allergy caledonElimination

Using the concept of Bio Energy Feedback, together with Thought Field Therapy, Elaine Uskoski has developed, enhanced and refined a method for the safe removal of allergies.  As the body responds to triggers, changes in energetic frequencies between the cells take place. To clear blockages, a low frequency is emitted, clearing the blockage and simultaneously exposing the cells to the frequency of the allergen, resetting the cells to now accept this energetic wave as harmless. The allergic response can thus be naturally eliminated.


Eye Spy Health and Wellness is interested in the whole you. We won’t just potentially eliminate your allergies,  we will also offer a comprehensive assessment that further reduces the risk of other allergens developing.  A full examination of the immune system will take place and any further dietary and herbal recommendations required to help strengthen the body will be provided.