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Screens ‘n’ Kids- July 22/21

A Mothers battle to rescue her son from excess gaming

Brenee Brown once said, “Everyone has a story that will break your heart, and if you pay really close attention, everyone has a story that will bring you to your knees.” My guest today shared with me her sons story with gaming addiction that left me speechless and yet his journey to recovery and her fight for him gave me so much hope.

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May 10/21

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March 30/21

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Radiant Mom Podcast : Episode 96 Parenting a video game addict

Elaine Uskoski got her son through high school and off to University, only to discover that he’d flunked his first year and fell into video game addiction. Over the next several years she became her son’s caregiver through recovery, relapse, and recovery and she’s here today to share her hard-won insights and celebrate the birth of her second book, Cyber Sober: The caregiver’s guide to video game addiction.



March 9, 2021
Sara Dimerman in conversation with video gaming addiction expert and author, Elaine Uskoski, about how to successfully battle video gaming addiction.