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September 6/23

Screen Extremes: Children and Digital Addictions

Youth media use has become near-ubiquitous. How do you know if behaviors around technology use have become problematic or classifies as an addiction? In this #AskTheExperts webinar, a panel of child and adolescent psychiatrists, researchers and a parent with her own lived experience discussed current knowledge of digital addictions, including definitions, prevalence, and related disorders, and provided tips for assessing children’s media use, prevention and intervention for digital addictions, and developing healthy family media habits.

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July 13/22

Monday on the Couch: Are you addicted to your screen?

Featuring Jake Uskoski

In this episode of Monday on the Couch experienced doctors and a special guest with lived experience discuss tech addictions. A greater understanding of the intersectionality between access to technology increased social media/online usage, and overstimulation will be provided especially as relates to changes in the brain system that involve reward pathways, chemical imbalances, motivation, and memory.


April 25/22

A Social Obligation to advocate for and Reconnect Families of Video Gaming Addiction with Elaine Uskoski

Today’s Leaders for Tomorrow’s Future

In this episode, shares her experience as a parent and caregiver of an adult aged son with a video game addiction. She talks about how important it was to take care of herself, lead with empathy and understanding, and take a holistic skills building approach to mental health recovery. Elaine discusses the journey of admission and how fulfilling it is step into what now feels like a social obligation to reconnect parents and their children in a purposeful way.


April 27/22

Let’s Talk about video game addiction

Health in Guelph

Are you experiencing yourself, or know someone who is suffering from video game addiction?

Are video games taking the place of daily tasks such as cleaning, showering, or going to work/school?

This was a nightmare that Elaine found herself in as her son became addicted to video gaming.

What started as a fun hobby became a deadly crisis and started Elaine’s journey on becoming an expert in video game addiction.

Today we talk about her story as well as signs of addiction to watch out for and steps that you can take to help someone in need.

April 5/22

Cyber Sober Special with Elaine Uskoski

Magical Midlife

Is video gaming an issue with your kids or young adults? Are you concerned that after covid, video gaming has taken an unhealthy hold on your kids?

Today’s guest, Elaine Uskoski, is an author, speaker and coach to families who are struggling with someone who is addicted to video games. Elaine’s personal story, which she also now tells publicly with her son, Jake, shares the care givers perspective on identifying if or when this is happening, and also what you can do to intervene. She shares how she had to find resources and became a speaker on the topic that wasn’t being talked about when she needed it!

Jan. 22/22

What to Know about Video Gaming Addiction: A Family’s Experience

Where Parents Talk

Lianne Castelino host of the Where Parents Talk podcast speaks to Elaine Uskoski, a holistic health practitioner, author and mother of two adult sons, about her family’s journey with video gaming addiction. Uskoski shares how she discovered her youngest son’s addiction to video games, how it impacted his life, where she turned to for help and what strategies the family put into place to help him on his journey of recovery. The ordeal inspired Uskoski to write to books on the subject of gaming addiction.

Nov 25/21  Message from a gamer.

Jake Uskoski Video Gaming Addiction

ALL IN: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast

Jake Uskoski is recovering from a video game addiction. He speaks about his struggles in this episode. He is a damn good speaker on the subject. Enjoy!

Oct 27/21 All In: The Addicted Gambler’s Podcast

264 Video Game Addiction with Elaine Uskoski- Elaine is a phenomenal interview and has a very personal story to tell

Elaine Uskoski is a video game addiction speaker and coach, as well as the author of two books – Seeing Through The Cracks and Cyber Sober: A Caregiver’s Guide to Video Gaming Addiction. Her son Jake developed a video game addiction while at University. Her journey to find help led to her becoming an expert on video gaming addiction herself. Enjoy!

Screens ‘n’ Kids- July 22/21

A Mothers battle to rescue her son from excess gaming

Brenee Brown once said, “Everyone has a story that will break your heart, and if you pay really close attention, everyone has a story that will bring you to your knees.” My guest today shared with me her sons story with gaming addiction that left me speechless and yet his journey to recovery and her fight for him gave me so much hope.

Female Interview Series (WALLET TO WEALTH) – feat. Elaine Uskoski

May 10/21

Awakened Parenting with Jill McPherson Podcast: 

March 30/21

Awakened Parenting

Business Mentorship Keepin It Real; Manifest Your Journey with Elaine Uskoski

Read feature Elaine’s blog post on ShareYourStory.online


Radiant Mom Podcast : Episode 96 Parenting a video game addict

Elaine Uskoski got her son through high school and off to University, only to discover that he’d flunked his first year and fell into video game addiction. Over the next several years she became her son’s caregiver through recovery, relapse, and recovery and she’s here today to share her hard-won insights and celebrate the birth of her second book, Cyber Sober: The caregiver’s guide to video game addiction.



March 9, 2021
Sara Dimerman in conversation with video gaming addiction expert and author, Elaine Uskoski, about how to successfully battle video gaming addiction.