Thought Field Therapy

Thought field therapy, tap therapy available at our health and wellness clinicAs with the concepts behind energy medicine, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) also relies on energy based healing and acupressure. TFT aims to access and resolve the root cause of emotional problems whether from fear, anger, an emotional trauma, anxiety, grief or any other psychological upheaval. TFT works under the premise that these negative emotions are information in an energy form, bound by a thought field. This active (yet disruptive) thought field creates distress causing a disruption in the body’s internal energy flow.  The key to treatment, as referenced on our energy medicine page, is to influence the bio-energy field of the body by tapping specific points along energy meridians.


TFT treatments are now being used by a wide variety of practitioners including psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers and Elaine Uskoski of Eye Spy Health and Wellness has been a practitioner for many years.  With the expertise she has gained, Elaine will guide individuals through the emotional upset or trauma, utilizing the TFT process, to help the person potentially weaken or even eradicate their distress.


“Ever since meeting Elaine and using TFT she has helped me overcome some of my fears (fear of dogs, speaking in public, etc.). This method is amazing, it really helps.”

– Teresa Buccieri, Mississauga



“When I went to see Elaine I experienced a new way of healing. Thought Field Therapy.  Going through a few simple steps of acupressure points, with Elaine helped release the pain and anguish I was feeling.  As my emotions released, a sense of relief came over me and I was able to breathe again.  This was a start to my journey in life…”

– Kiran Bahra, Barrie