Elaine Uskoski lends voice to international panel on Esports

World Esports Summit

On Nov 28 and 29th, 2023 Elaine attended the World Esports Summit in Busan, Korea.

The WE Summit gathers Esports Leaders, global brands, government officials, and key figures worldwide to address challenges and share knowledge for the benefit of the global Esports community.

Attendees of the 2 day summit were Esports stakeholders, academics, researchers, companies, educators, over 100 speakers, and online viewers from around the world.

The group gathered together to create an environment for discussion, promoting Esports education, knowledge, mental health, and brainstorming ideas on how to improve and raise awareness in the industry.

Elaine was invited to participate when a summit organizer from the International Esports Federation contacted her through LinkedIn.

Elaine was asked to lend her expetise to the speaking panel, titled “Esports – Passion or Addiction?” and discuss the risks of gaming addiction and how infrastructure from the grassroots place can be implemented for education and prevention.

Notable speakers were HRH Prince Faisal bin Bandar Al Saud, newly appointed President of the IESF, Daniel Pinto, CEO ITTI Sports, Michael Anderson, FITGMR Co-founder & Head of Physical Maintenance, Erin Bourke, Project Leader – FIA’s United Against Online Abuse in Sport.

Elaine learned much at the World Esports Summit in South Korea and came away with more respect for the industry.

The summit addressing the topic of gaming addiction showed they have a great desire to do the work to create a healthier environment for their players.

Like traditional sports, there are a multitude of career opportunities within this industry that we can redirect compulsive and lost gamers towards.

Elaine met a very impassioned and enthusiastic group of people who want the best for everyone that is involved in esports.


Elaine is passionate about encouraging open discussion regarding gaming addiction with parents, gamers, industry and audiences around the world. To book Elaine for a local or international event, please contact.