Bringing awareness to Video Gaming Addiction!

Elaine has years of experience speaking to health care providers, public agencies, mental health forums and schools.

Coaching for Parents

Is video gaming controlling your child?

I can help!

Seeing Through the Cracks + Cyber Sober

Elaine’s moving stories about overcoming addiction with her son, Jake


Elaine is driven to share her knowledge and personal experience. Whether speaking to educators, parents, or front-line workers in schools, mental health forums, or corporate wellness events, Elaine relates to her audience with passion and wisdom.


As a coach, Elaine empowers parents with the information and strategies needed to deal with their child’s compulsive behavior with video gaming / screen addiction. She has learned through her own personal experience helping her son overcome his video gaming addiction.

Cyber Sober Book


Exploring the mind of a video gaming addict, Elaine’s second book guides the reader through the journey of her son’s addictive disorder and recovery. The story unfolds along the nine signs of gaming disorder and the five stages of addiction …

Ask Yourself…

Are you tired of yelling and fighting with your child about their video gaming habits?

Does your child have a meltdown when you ask them to step away from their screen?

Is your child ignoring the signs that they have  a video gaming addiction?

Are you afraid of your child’s behaviour around video gaming?


If you answered YES- Elaine may be able to help you.

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A Story Worth Telling

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