One More Level: Video Gaming Addiction

An insightful talk for parents, students, and teachers/therapists


Everyone knows the rules of growing up. Once you’re eighteen things become clearer, childhood problems melt away, and you’re ready to go out and conquer the world. You’re now an adult. You can look your parents in the eye as equals. …

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As a speaker, Elaine is driven to share her knowledge and personal experience. Whether speaking to educators, parents, or front-line workers in schools, mental health forums, or corporate wellness events, Elaine relates to her audience with passion and wisdom.

  Holistic Health

Elaine Uskoski is a certified Iridologist, Thought Field Therapy practitioner and nutritional expert. Elaine has an extensive background in social services and over 17 years of clinical experience.

Grandparents: How Can They Regulate Technology with Grandchildren?

I recently gave a talk on Video Gaming Addiction to a room of many grandfathers. I had never considered reaching out to this audience until I was approached and asked. And I’m so happy that I agreed to address them and share my family’s story. We need as many support...

Bringing Your Phone to the Table: Is this the New Normal?

Do you bring your phone with you to sit down and enjoy a meal with others? Are you checking emails and scrolling through social media while dining with family or friends? Or do you leave your phone completely out of meal time? As someone who speaks on Video Gaming...

Are Digital Screens Removing Diversity in Your Child’s Life?

I recently had an interesting conversation with a dental hygienist about some of the observations she’d made with young patients in her dental office. These sorts of talks happen often and in various places, once someone learns that I am a speaker and advocate for...

Elaine Uskoski in the Media

The World Health Organization now says compulsive gaming qualifies as an addictive behaviour disorder. Your stories, with social worker Lisa Pont of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.