Online Coaching

As an online coach, Elaine empowers parents with the information and strategies needed to deal with their child’s compulsive behavior with video gaming addiction. Through her own personal experience helping her son overcome his video gaming addiction, her background in health and wellness and continued research and education, she has developed crucial strategies to help parents.

Detoxing from video gaming addiction is a process that takes time, diligence and commitment from everyone involved. Elaine’s focus is to arm parents with enough knowledge and courage to successfully make the best decisions for their child and family.


Elaine works with parents to deal with various issues including:


  • Understand your child and how gaming has become problematic/compulsive
  • Learn the four stages of addiction and why the road to recovery is not linear, but a complicated process
  • Learn how to correct dialogue and communication and stop engaging in a battle
  • Determine what your barriers & resistance are, as a parent and how this is getting in the way of success
  • Understand the importance of engaging in self-care & healthy personal habits as a caregiver
  • Gain knowledge in how to create new community for your isolated youth

“Video gaming addiction is just like any addiction. It is debilitating, dangerous and can literally destroy lives. What was once seen as a harmless form of entertainment can now turn into a very serious problem for children, teens and young adults.”

Although there are numerous warning signs, parents often miss these red flags because just like other addictions, the addicted gamer becomes skilled at hiding their compulsion.

Purchase coaching in single sessions or a package of 6 coaching sessions.