Is video gaming controlling your child?

Preoccupation with video games

Uses video games to escape or relieve anxiety & negative mood

Meltdown and panic when gaming is restricted

Loss of interest in school, previous hobbies & entertainment

Socially withdrawn and isolated

Justifies excessive use of video gaming

Video Gaming / Screen Addiction Coaching for Parents

As a coach, Elaine empowers parents & family with the information and strategies needed to deal with their child’s compulsive behavior with video gaming & digital screens. As well as coaching with the child, an outside addiction therapist may also be required.

Elaine helped her son overcome his video gaming addiction using her background in social service, health and wellness. With continued research and education, she has developed crucial strategies to help parents.

Detoxing from video gaming and/or screen addiction is a process that takes time, diligence, and commitment from everyone involved. Elaine’s focus is to arm parents with enough knowledge and courage to successfully make the best decisions for their child and family.

Elaine works with parents to deal with various issues including:


  • Understand your child and how gaming/screen use has become problematic/compulsive
  • Learn the four stages of addiction and why the road to recovery is not linear, but a complicated process
  • Learn how to correct dialogue and communication and stop engaging in a battle
  • Determine what your barriers & resistance are, as a parent and how this is getting in the way of success
  • Understand the importance of engaging in self-care & healthy personal habits as a caregiver
  • Gain knowledge in how to create new community for your isolated youth
  • Bridging the gap in communication between parent and child for a clearer picture of the issues
  • Building trust

Video gaming addiction is just like any addiction. It is debilitating, dangerous and can literally destroy lives. What was once seen as a harmless form of entertainment can now turn into a very serious problem for children, teens and young adults.

Although there are numerous warning signs, parents often miss these red flags because just like other addictions, the addicted gamer becomes skilled at hiding their compulsion.

Digital Addictions: A Family Guide to Prevention, Signs, and Treatment

Parenting Tip Sheet – from Children & Screens

Message from the addicted gamer

video gaming addition coaching for parents and child

Elaine has completed the Intenta Clinical Training for Gaming Disorders.  This training provides a comprehensive understanding of problematic and disordered gaming allowing mental health professionals to understand the context, dynamics, mechanisms and special issues that present with gaming clients.

Elaine is an Intenta Canada Clinical Partnership Specialist.

“Thank you for everything you have helped me with. You have directly contributed to the improvements I have made in my life and I will be forever grateful, as will my parents.”

A.S., Age 20

Detoxed Gamer, 2022

“Elaine has been extremely helpful and persistent in helping, guiding and changing the way our 20 year old son now looks at the world outside of gaming.

She is empathetic and yet firm, she is knowledgeable and yet open to other ideas, she is accountable and demanding of herself and expects all of us to be accountable too.

We are very grateful for having Elaine help us overcome this huge challenge in our lives.”

Parent, Ontario, Canada

We are delighted that our son had his first session with you. He is definitely indicating a desire to improve and get on a better track. We are seeing some consistent signs of improvement. He is softening with his hostile behavior and the general trend is towards improvement. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the kindness and patience that you have shown him.

A Caring Parent

Elaine gave us simple, easy to implement changes to our daily routine that helped us control our child’s screen time virtually overnight. We now have a screen strategy in place that is effective and fair. And I see the benefits of my child living a life that isn’t screen-focused every single day.

C. Erlach

Thank you so much for your thoroughness in everything – your consult, our meeting, this email, and the map! It’s way more comprehensive than any psychologist or counselor we have worked with. 

As I have explained and discussed these matters with my husband over the years, I think this process gave him a more comprehensive and logical way to perceive this so he has a way to calm his anger and frustration and be able to move forward with some sensible action steps. And it gives me some hope that our son can make some improvements without going to a $20,000/mth detox program! 

My husband and I will be discussing our plan this weekend and we will let you know when we are ready for further assistance. 

Thank you so much! Us struggling families are so fortunate to benefit from your service .

Concerned Parent, USA

After feeling helpless for many years, I am so fortunate to have met Elaine.  My 21 year old son suffers with video game addiction which has affected our whole family. Elaine has been able to share her knowledge, expertise and practical advice which has helped our situation.  She is a true professional as well as a Mom who has walked in ‘my’ shoes. Elaine coaches from the heart with empathy and wisdom.

K.M., Parent