Herbology- holistic wellness clinic bolton
Plants have been used medicinally for over 4,000 years in many cultures around the world.  They offer naturally occurring healing properties.  The term “herb” refers to any part of the plant derived for flavouring or medicinal purposes and Herbology is the study of plants and their effective utilization in the healing process.


In the early 1800’s pioneer herbalist Samuel Thompson developed an herbal therapy system where the use of herbs was considered to assist the body in harnessing its own natural ability to heal. Practitioners in herbal therapy seek to address the imbalance in an individual’s body through the use of herbs that specifically prevent toxins from being absorbed in the first place.  Herbal remedies prevent toxic build up in the bowel, help tonify and strengthen related organs such as kidneys and liver and aid in the increase of toxic discharge through the eliminative organs like the urinary tract and bowels.  The body begins to restore and regain balance.


Eye Spy Health and Wellness uses only the purest of herbal remedies after careful evaluation of the body’s needs through muscle response testing. Specific remedies and dosages are suggested to individuals based on their completed assessment.