The holiday season is upon us, and many parents are looking for children’s gifts that can create more time offline, and perhaps even provide more family time. An already common dilemma for parents struggling to provide entertainment, that has no relation to video gaming or screen time, has not been made easy with COVID-19 and the many months of isolation. But thing have opened up and we are moving ahead, so more clubs, events, and activities have been made available.

Many children may have only known screen time games and social media as their main source of entertainment. As the online, multi-player gaming industry and social media sites and apps have expanded, online connection has also become their focused social community. 

So, what else can children do outside of gaming?

Gifts that provide experiences can be given in the form of gift certificates (see list below).

Elliptical trainers, treadmills, stability balls, mini trampolines, and small weights can create mini gyms in a garage or basement for physical fitness can be great gifts for a child who used to enjoy being active. A new year can bring an opportunity to create new and healthy habits.

Strategy board or card games and games providing creative thinking can be played at home with siblings, friends, and parents. 

Cooking and baking recipe books and kits make a great gift for the foodies in your home. 

Fine arts and performing art kits can provide an opportunity to use imagination and showcase or perform the resulting work. 

Books are always a good break for screen-fatigued eyes. And purchasing a pet and giving children some of the responsibility for care can provide companionship and a learning experience. 

Just remember that a family pet is great company and entertainment, but is an investment for several years, so consider this option carefully and make sure this is a good fit.

Here’s a list of gift ideas that might make it easier for those parents who haven’t started or are still stuck and need to finish their holiday shopping list.     

Gift Certificates for Experiences:

Paintball, Laser Tag, Escape Rooms, Table Tennis, Rock Climbing, Movies, Amusement or Water Parks, Trampoline Parks, Music Concerts, and Sporting Events

Interactive Toys:

Remote Cars or Trucks, Nerf Guns, Lego, Board Games, Kiwico Building Sets, Chess Set, Checkers, Magic Cards, Trivia Games, Jigsaw Puzzles

Physical Fitness and Recreation Themed Gifts:

Dirt Bike, Bicycle or Skateboard (with helmet), Trampoline, Snowboard or Skis (with lessons), Hiking Bag with a Tent, Tennis Racquet, Table Tennis set, Badminton Racquet, Basketball Net, Baseball Glove and Bat, Bow and Arrows with Target, ATV, or any other sports equipment.

Fine Art & Performance Art

Art Supplies, Digital Camera, Musical Instrument, Magic or Juggling Kits, Dress-up Costumes, Make-up and Wigs, a Karaoke Machine, Science Kits, Puppets

Happy shopping. And Happy Holidays to everyone!