I want to take this time to say a heartfelt thank you to my Eye Spy Health & Wellness clients and followers for your support for this past year. It has been a pleasure to see you in my clinic (or for some, in your homes), and/or to post health tips and updates on my blog, as well as my facebook and Twitter pages. I enjoy hearing from you, so please continue to post responses and questions, or simply click the Like buttons.

Unfortunately, I am still living in a hotel suite awaiting restoration to my home, due to a flood this past fall. The process has been much slower and considerably more frustrating than expected. Thank you for your patience and understanding. It is my hope that I will return to my house and be ready to see clients again in my clinic by mid January 2016. I will keep you posted.

I wish all of you a Happy Holiday season and all the best for the New Year! Be safe, be healthy, and most importantly, have some joy! Let’s make 2016 our best year in health and happiness yet!

Take very gentle care.