Summer is now winding down and for many families its time to start thinking about preparing your children to return to school in September. You may be thinking about what they’re going to wear, and how many school supplies they might need. And thus, the back-to-school shopping begins! This is also a good time to put some thought into what kinds of nutritious snacks and lunches you will prepare and pack for your child. Spending more time indoors with other children can create an environment where your child will be more susceptible to picking up germs and illnesses from other students. Have you thought about how to boost and protect her or his immune system?

From now until the end of September, I will be offering half price appointments for a child that becomes a new client, and for follow-ups appointments for existing child clients. Consider booking a consult to discuss healthy food choices, and to also learn about fall immune boosters.

I look forward to seeing you and your little one.