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Seeing Through the Cracks- true story

Seeing Through the Cracks

A True Story

Written by Elaine Uskoski


Everyone knows the rules of growing up. Once you’re eighteen things become clearer, childhood problems melt away, and you’re ready to go out and conquer the world. You’re now an adult. You can look your parents in the eye as equals. Officially, you’re on your own, and now you’ll only look back fondly at what you once were, an immature child still learning about life.

Or so you’d think.


Jake is a young adult who grew up with the support of his family, especially his mother, Elaine. Though he experienced some rough patches as a child and fitting in was a constant challenge, she’s been there for him. But it’s time for Jake to “grow up” and for him, that means no longer needing his family.

It turns out that life without them is a far greater struggle than he ever imagined. Living independently is hard, but admitting it is even harder.


Join this true story of conflict and heart-pounding moments, as both mother and son explore the concept of parenting as a lifelong commitment.


“In “Seeing Through the Cracks” Elaine shares her often turbulent journey through motherhood.   Through her candid prose, we learn the importance of staying plugged-in to our adult children’s lives – no matter how independent they might seem.  Elaine’s emotional story gives us hope that brutal honesty, steely determination and unconditional love can always lead us through the darkest of times.  “

Erin Woodley


Author Bio

Author Elaine Uskoski

Author Elaine Uskoski

Elaine Uskoski is a Holistic Health Practitioner who owns and operates an Iridology Clinic in Caledon. She is also the mother of two adults sons. Through her own personal experience, she has become aware of the wide gap in the transition between parenting one’s child and parenting one’s adult child, and that many of our youth are struggling, as a consequence.



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