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Elaine Uskoski- Certified Iridologist and holistic health practitionerElaine Uskoski is a certified Iridologist, Thought Field Therapy practitioner and nutritional expert.  Elaine has an extensive background in social services and over 10 years of clinical experience.  Eye Spy Health and Wellness is located in Southwestern Ontario close to the GTA allowing clients to experience the peaceful, calm, and natural healing environment of the Guelph, Ontario clinic.


Elaine practices North American and European Iridology which incorporate both the physiological and psychological, in order to gain a more complete picture of her clients overall health.  After assessment, Elaine is able to custom design a treatment plan utilizing a variety of modalities that best suit the individual.  Nutrition, Herbology, and TFT may all be incorporated into the patients overall care plan.  Elaine also offers allergy testing, elimination and cleansing practices along with herbal supplements, muscle response testing and acupressure, all to support healing in both the physical and emotional state of her clients.

Increasingly, we are more cognizant of the benefits of natural treatment programs utilizing a holistic approach to our overall health.  Elaine Uskoski provides her clients with a “whole” approach to their health, capitalizing on her many years of study and practical experience.  Let your eyes not just be your window on the world but your window to better health too!


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